Flat-Rate/Discount Buyers Program

Choose MLSHelp2Sell to represent you in purchasing your new property and save additional thousands.

PLAN A - Full Service Representation – Where you start with “I would like to look at purchasing this particular type of property” , we will help you identify properties that meet your needs and arrange for you to view the properties and proceeds all the way to you taking possession. For this complete representation the commission is ½ the standard fee of 3% fee or 1 1/2%. There is a maximum of $3,000. A conventional broker will charge 3% for the exact same service. Assuming you are buying a property for $300,000 a convential broker will charge .03 X $300,000 = $9,000. With MLSHelp2Sell you commission will be $3,000. That's a savings of $6,000 or !

PLAN B – Property Purchase Representation - This works extremely well where you find a property that you want to purchase and want to be represented and advised by a broker in the process. This would include negotiating and preparing the offer, drafting contingencies, assisting you in needed inspections and appraisals,, loan approval and all processes through the legal closing. This service is a wonderful stress reliever at 1% to a maximum of $2,000! Most of our clients find that they save much more that the fee because of trained and experienced help in negotiating and drafting the offer!

Regardless of which program you chose, you will be represented by experienced and licensed professionals. Just imagine what what you can do with an additional $5,000 to $50,000 dollars!